Counselling Experience

and Areas of Interest

I have worked with individuals, couples and families, as well as an organizational therapist, associated with multiple mental health projects across Pakistan.

My counselling experience includes:

  • Helping people recover from psychosexual issues (erectile dysfunctions, premature ejaculation, vaginismus, dysphrenia, among others) and enabling them to pursue healthy, enriching relationships
  • Developmental work with individuals who appear to be settled in their professional and person lives, yet feel unfulfilled and restless, and believe they lack social acceptance
  • Providing psychiatric rehabilitation to people suffering with severe mental illnesses
  • Helping individuals fighting gender discrimination and struggling for personal freedom and autonomy
  • Single mothers caught in between the challenges of raising children and pursuing a career, while searching for internal balance
  • Working with couples in their pre-marital relationship issues
  • Working on recovery with couples whose relationships have undergone challenges of infidelity
  • Helping individuals recover from emotionally and physically abusive relationships within marriage or otherwise

Sexual & Gender


As individuals, our ideas about physical intimacy and what is considered normality in the context of relationships is complex. When working with LGBTQ clients, I ensure that our therapeutic engagement is in line with their cultural and emotional contexts. In order to work across culture, race, religion and gender, I keep myself abreast with new research in the field.

I believe that relationships and physical experiences shape us throughout our lives, and I work with clients to help them uncover their unique needs and live a life most true to themselves.

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