Farah Saeed has practiced as a mental health professional for nearly two decades. She has worked with individuals, couples, and families, as well as an organisational therapist. Farah believes that every individual has the potential to grow and make informed decisions to live their chosen life. She loves children and wants to save the planet for them.


Individual therapy

Individual therapy aims to establish a relational bond between the client and the therapist, mutually setting therapeutic goals that empowers the client to make informed decisions about their life.

Couple and family psychotherapy

Couple and family psychotherapy aims to integrate partnership enhancement models with in-depth psychotherapy, bringing together various theoretical approaches into one cohesive framework for couples work. This includes working with psychosexual issues and individuals representing a diverse range of relationship models.

My interest and motivation for couple and family therapy comes from my desire to create a safe emotional and physical environment for children to prosper and grow.


My supervision philosophy is intuitive, creative, and focused on the development of the supervisee, while making sure that the client is safe. I have been supervising for 12 years and focus on the education of the supervisee from a humanistic integrative perspective of psychotherapy. Together, the supervisor and supervisee develop a therapy framework for the client in line with their needs.

Psychosexual and

Relationship Therapy

I’m a psychotherapist with a specialization in Sex and Relationship Therapy and have completed a post-graduate training with Middlesex University. I’m also a registered member of the College of Sex and Relationship Therapy and currently enrolled in a Master’s-level training in Couple Therapy, accredited by the Middlesex University and the National Counselling Society.

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